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  • NEW Invisibobble ORIGINAL Blush Hour

    24 March at 11:35 from atlas

    Blush Hour spreads joy and happiness and is the perfect eye-catcher in your daily styling.  Available in the shop for ...

  • 2017 Hair Tutorials - Out Now

    29 January at 10:29 from atlas

    2017 NEW NANO TUTORIALS Bouncy Bobbles for a girl's night out, Flirty Twirl for a date or Brigitte Nano(t) for a business meeting — ...


    31 October at 03:27 from atlas

    the trolls party unleashed The Trolls capture the big screen - and our hearts. DreamWorks Animation charms us with laughing, singing ...


    2 September at 16:48 from atlas

    #pinkheroes 1 x original hair ring with rose gold charm October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this is a fitting time for ...

  • At Last, a Ponytail Holder That Won't Crease Your Hair

    14 August at 14:17 from atlas

    Although an old-school scrunchie can provide a dent-free alternative, its staying power may not hold up during an intense Soul Cycle ...

  • A Revolutionary Hair Tool - New Invisibobble Power

    6 July at 09:44 from atlas

    You can't tame your lion's mane? Does you hairstyle struggle to keep up with your strength and stamina during your workout? Your hair ...

  • A Revolutionary Hair Tool - New Invisibobble Nano

    5 July at 10:12 from atlas

    Hair tie or booby pin? With its unique benefits invisibobble NANO bridges the gap and creates a whole new way to wear your hair up, ...

  • A Revolutionary Hair Tool - New Invisibobble Original

    4 July at 16:00 from atlas

    It's time to welcome the new invisibobble ORIGINAL permanent collection - introducing a whole new look. The revolutionary styling ...

  • Secret Garden Limited Edition

    15 May at 21:55 from atlas

    Awaken your senses to a beautiful garden. Imagine a softly splashing fountain surrounded by blossoming fruit trees, releasing a heavenly ...

  • Invisibobble Australia celebrates Saint Patrick's - March 17th

    20 February at 18:51 from atlas

    We're getting into the spirit of Saint Patrick's Day.  May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light.  May good luck ...


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