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  • NEW Circus Collection July 2017

    21 July at 16:06 from atlas

    Join us for an extraordinary kind of spectacle: Welcome to the invisibobble® circus. But what makes it so special? Colorful creatures - big and small - together with familiar faces bring a breathtaking show to stage: Bad Hair Day? Irrelephant!, are the thoughts of the self-confident elephant, as he enters the stage with a drum roll. On his trunk? A mint green feathered friend, who is Hawkwardly Good Looking. But Cattitude Is Everything!, is what the cat believes as she jumps on stage and invites her friend the panda to follow her lead. You're Pawesome! - the audience is thrilled as soon as the panda appears.

    So please put your hands together for the new invisibobble® Circus Collection. Its metallic colors enter the stage right in time for summer and the festival-season. And the best part: As of now, all limited collections come as ORIGINAL, NANO and POWER so you do not have to miss trendy colors during your work-out or in your updo. Both the ORIGINAL and POWER give your hair an extra strong grip and no snag removal. The NANO is the perfect updo-tool. Furthermore, all three will not soak or tangle in wet hair. 

    Extra benefit: In case the invisibobble® begins to lose shape, pour hot water over it - this will shrink it to its original size.


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